Business through relationships

Whether it be with our clients, our funders or our technology partners, the innovation MeeTax has brought to the supply chain of the finance market has been built by lasting relationships that allows us to offer a product that is both unique and scalable.

This has allowed us to cater to multiple sectors, locations and sizes of business to deliver a product we are proud of.

We regularly raise finance for lending to businesses in the form of Finance Trade and Property Finance guarantee for the capital loan finance arrange funding against future income streams in instances where the lender can analyse past volumes and performance.

Funding ranging from supplier payments to Letters of Credit to ease liquidity where there are pressures caused by one-off orders, rapid growth or seasonality.

With personal guarantees becoming more common place in the majority of lending situations, with clients having little choice but to sign them with an insurance policy to shelter the risk through a regulated 3rd party.

Our Partners and Affiliates

Our strategic alliances add depth and value to our core product offerings. We work with companies across the globe who share the same values and vision we have ultimately benefiting our customers

To provide one of the most reliable and comprehensive global financial services by fostering a culture that stresses the highest standards of values and ethics.